1. Björn Borg | Autumn sportswear

    Autumn sportswear

    "Love means nothing in tennis, it literally means zero. For us, however, it means passion and a love for the sport. The possibility to make yourself better, and to never give up."

  2. Björn Borg | Sports Hour with Fashionablefit

    Sports Hour with Fashionablefit

    Join Hannah's weekly workouts! New ones released every Friday at 11AM. #bjornborgsportshour

  3. Björn Borg | Holiday HIIT at the office

    Holiday HIIT at the office

    An evening of self care, inspiration and of course some sweat, in the newly built gym at the Björn Borg office in Stockholm.

  4. Björn Borg | Robyn x Björn Borg = RBN

    Robyn x Björn Borg = RBN

    We have teamed up with international pop star and fashion icon Robyn to release RBN an exclusive capsule collection.

  1. Björn Borg | Ask the coach

    Ask the coach

    In need of advice from a personal trainer, but you don´t have one? Don't worry, we're here to help together with Safe Education!

  2. Björn Borg | 4 playlists to boost your workout

    4 playlists to boost your workout

    We asked some of our friends to share their fav playlists, all set to power up today’s workout. 

  3. Björn Borg |   At-home workout
  4. Björn Borg | How to train like Joel

    How to train like Joel

    Joel Kinnaman on filming Suicide Squad, his favorite type of training (clue: one of the fastest growing fighting arts in the world)  and how to physically prepare for new roles as an actor.

  5. Björn Borg | Come visit us!

    Come visit us!

    Here today, gone tomorrow. We're opening up temporary retail stores in some of our best summer cities. Come visit us!

  6. Björn Borg | Performance collection

    Performance collection

    Our Performance line of sports fashion garments has never been in a better shape.

  7. Björn Borg | Sthlm concept

    Sthlm concept

    This season's tonal camouflage print is inspired by the training gear of the Swedish army.

  8. Björn Borg | Peace Collection

    Peace Collection

    Inspired by the  Swedish forests, the Peace collection honours our favourite place to go to for energy, reflection and training.

  9. Björn Borg | Digital Sports Hour

    Digital Sports Hour

    Every Friday at 11 AM we close down our offices to go workout together – we call it Sports Hour. Now we want you to join us!

  10. Björn Borg | Keep moving, stay active

    Keep moving, stay active

    We want to inspire the whole world to stay active and keep moving. Join us for our weekly, digital Sports Hour for some sweaty inspiration! Every Friday at 11 am (CET).

  11. Björn Borg | Bodyweight Flow with Team Salty

    Bodyweight Flow with Team Salty

    Quick and efficient under-10-minute bodyweight flow in front of an eerily quiet and vacant Amsterdam city.

  12. Björn Borg | Techno yoga with Sweat So Salty

    Techno yoga with Sweat So Salty

    If you're tired of the typical yoga flow, check this out.

  13. Björn Borg | How to use a resistance band

    How to use a resistance band

    Clear out a space in your living room and prepare to sweat! We’ve rounded up our favourite resistance band workouts by Fashionablefit.

  14. Björn Borg | Techno yoga at home

    Techno yoga at home

    Where techno music meets yoga. Enjoy this unique home Techno Yoga series curated to the deftly crafted rhythms of DJ Mark Molina, presented by Melissa Kreuger. 

  15. Björn Borg | Never out of style

    Never out of style

    We’ve been perfecting this line for many years. Designing and redesigning. Improving and evolving while staying true to our fashion heritage. Attending to every single detail and every eccentric inspiration for the perfect fit and comfort.

  16. Björn Borg | Smashing full-body workout

    Smashing full-body workout

    Hit a full-body workout using one of Valdemar Fredriksson’s favourite gym equipment; the slamball.

  17. Björn Borg | Interview: Andreas, creative director

    Interview: Andreas, creative director

    An interview with the new Creative Director of Björn Borg.

  18. Björn Borg | Running from daylight

    Running from daylight

    “In Running from daylight we’ve gathered it all – the Björn Borg heritage, Scandinavian design and the importance of being seen in the dark when out training.”

  19. Björn Borg | A no running, at-home cardio workout

    A no running, at-home cardio workout

    This is a no running, at-home cardio workout that will get your heart rate up. Let's go!

  20. Björn Borg | Partner workout

    Partner workout

    Grab your roommate for a challenging partner workout and have some fun while breaking a sweat!

  21. Björn Borg | Mobility hip-hop with Team Salty

    Mobility hip-hop with Team Salty

    Wriggle your body back into alignment and move to these dope beats with @sweatsosalty Hip hop Mobility series.

  22. Björn Borg | #Regnbågsblod


    Men who have sex with men can’t donate blood on the same basis as heterosexuals in Sweden. Together with the organization #Regnbågsblod, we are challenging these homophobic regulations.

  23. Björn Borg | Teaming up with Joel Kinnaman

    Teaming up with Joel Kinnaman

    "When Björn Borg first approached me, and we quickly realized how equally passioned we are about training and how it can enhance your life in so many ways, I knew that it was the right project to join."

  24. Björn Borg | Björn Borg x GODSENT

    Björn Borg x GODSENT

    GODSENT is regarded as one of the top esports organizations in the Nordic and seeks to emphasize the physical and mental aspects of gaming to optimize performance in the game as well as in life.

  25. Björn Borg | Björn Borg x Joel Kinnaman

    Björn Borg x Joel Kinnaman

    We’re proud to announce that Joel Kinnaman has joined our mission to inspire people to be more by doing sports and together we believe that anyone can become better.

  26. Björn Borg | The Rage Gym

    The Rage Gym

    It's good to be a person who never bruises, never loses control and is always well ordered. But is it really healthy to go about our days suppressing everything negative that comes our way?

    Not according to science.

    So watch us go nuts in the Rage Gym - this is #Ragefulness.

  27. Björn Borg | Working out in a church

    Working out in a church

    We used science to create a symphony that increases your performance, and we couldn’t wait long to try out our new favourite workout track and the benefits of it.

  28. Björn Borg | Box and HIIT at Another Space

    Box and HIIT at Another Space

    We brought some friends with us for a HIIT class at Another Space Bank, London.

  29. Björn Borg | Mud, fire and more mud

    Mud, fire and more mud

    We’re teaming up with Tough Viking, the leading and largest Obstacle Race in Scandinavia. The obstacles are massive and consist of water, mud, monkey bars and barbed wire. Do you dare to join in?

  30. Björn Borg | Come sweat with us!

    Come sweat with us!

    Make sure you don’t miss out on our open training sessions. How about some free running classes, kick boxing or yoga?

  31. Björn Borg | Finding #Ragefulness in London

    Finding #Ragefulness in London

    Haven't you heard that losing it makes you stronger? In London, we were there to try it out.